Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rest In Peace

Burial Vaults
Colonial Park Cemetary
Savannah, GA

Nikon D70
Nikkor AFS 18-70mm DX


Kelly said...

I l-o-v-e this picture! There is something about old cemetaries and their history that is so compelling. It's what I remember the most of my trip to NOLA. (of course, I was only 13, so that had to be the highlight right?)

Great job on the pix.

Anonymous said...

Jack...great shot! We had a show at the City of Bubasnk's gallery of graveyards of europe...and all photos...some sepia-ized? is that right? well it was a midnight opening and was greatly attended...even parked a herse in front of the show...Ric Hebert

John said...

@Kelly - Thanks!
@Ric - Thanks! That sounds like a cool display. I love old Sepia prints. I may play with some of my Savannah cemetary pix in Lightroom and see how sepia would change the tones... Cool stuff.